Colt Autobadge Collection


    Boston Terrier Club Car Badge British Boxer Club car badge British Manchester Terrier Club Car Badge
    The Cavalier Club
Car Badge British Chihuahua Club car badge Chinese Chow Club car badge
    The Chow Chow Club car badge Cocker Spaniel Club car badge Miniature Dachshund Club car badge
    Dachshund Club Car Badge English St Bernard Club Car Badge British Associan for German Shepard Dogs car badge
    Great Dane Breeders Association Car Badge International Poodle Club Car Badge Midland & West of England Great Dane Club Car Badge
    North of England Dalmatian Club International Poodle Club Car Badge The Pug car badge
    Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club car badge United Retriever Club car badge The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Gt Britain
    Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Car Badge Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Car Badge Western Afghan Hound Club car badge
    British Waterfowl Association Car Badge Royal Society for the Protection of Birds car badge  Llanelli Trotting Stadium car badge
    Breakspear Riding Club Car Badge Centaur Riding Club car badge Donkey Sanctuary Society Car Badge
    Loyal Order of Moose Car Badge Shire Horse Society Car Badge Shetland Pony Stud Book Society car badge
    British Friesians Car badge British Friesians Car Badge British Polled Hereford Society car badge
    Hereford Herd Book Society car badge Fly Anglers Society of Wales Car Badge Game Research Association (The) car badge
    Jersey Wildlife Presevation Trust Car Badge League Against Cruel Sports Car Badge Surrey Naturalists Trust car badge
    United Kingdom Dutch Rabbit Club Car Badge Upper Thames Car Badge World Wildlife Fund
Car badge
    Zoological Society of London car badge
Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Car Badge

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Car Badge

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club

75 mm diameter

Manufactured by Renamel of London, in Plastic